Stop settling for "Good Enough" in your relationships 

Let us show you how...

Relationship Empowerment Month

Welcome to February! A time to celebrate love and romance. A time to reflect on what's working in your relationships. And the best time to find out what you can do to fix what is not working!
Join us as we get down to the nuts and bolts of what makes relationships work and WHY THEY DON'T. 
Over the next 28+ days, we will be showing you - at no cost - exactly how to transform your relationships so you feel satisfied and fulfilled including...
  • How to do relationships with each of the 16 Relationship Styles based on personality type (no one-size fits all)
  • Your Romance Style (just in time for Valentine's Day)
  • ​How to stop settling and start asking for what you need (no more feeling you aren't worth it)
  • How easy it is to change the behaviour of your partner (even when you have tried before)

It's all don't miss out. 
Make 2023 the year you get the relationships you envision!

     Dr. Anne Dranitsaris & 
    Heather Dranitsaris-Hilliard
    Experts in transforming relationships and empowering clients to achieve their potential 

    Anne & Heather have worked with over 1,000 individuals and leaders world-wide, leveraging their expertise in the neurobiology of human development to empower clients to live their best lives & become who they are meant to be

    Authors of :
    • Power Past the Imposter Syndrome
    • ​Who Are You Meant to Be?
    • ​So, You Think You Can Lead?
    • Relationship Style Series based on MBTI®
    Co-creators of the Striving Styles® Personality System, a brain-based approach to discovering and fulfilling your true potential.

    To learn more:
    As featured in:
    What to Expect During Relationship Empowerment  Month
    February will be full of great content and opportunities to engage with us to experience transformation in all your relationships in 2023:
    • Deep dive into different Relationship Styles, based on Striving Styles®* / MBTI®
    • ​Live workshops on each of the Styles on LinkedIn and in our Facebook Group
    • ​Special 'Dismantling Dysfunction' podcast episodes on Romance Styles
    • Weekly blogs and posts shared on LinkedIn and our Facebook Group
    • ​Free resources including videos on our Youtube channel and an e-book 
    • ​Deeper dive Webinar into how the Imposter Syndrome impacts our relationships 

    Are you ready
    for relationships that rock?

    Stop believing you are powerless to fix your relationships.

    Join the over 300 women that have leveraged the Maximizing Your Relationships Toolkit
    to transform their relationships. 

    Our lineup of FREE, LIVE relationship style workshops...

    February 6th - March 1st |  Mon - Fri @ Noon EST | Facebook Group or LinkedIn Page
    Discover why you experience frustrations in your relationships with each of the 16 Relationship Styles. Find out why they behave the way the do and most importantly, how to change their behaviour in your relationship. 

    Get the low down, based on your Relationship Style, on how you may create challenges in relationships or show up only through your Imposter Syndrome or self-protective persona. 

    As a bonus, learn all about your Romance Style and that of your partner so you can navigate through Valentine's and other celebrations of love in a way that truly satisfies both.

    All sessions will be held at NOON EST on the date listed below inside our Facebook Group or LinkedIn. Recordings will be available if you cannot make the live. 
    Make sure you don't miss our interactive training for your Relationship Style or that of your partner. 

    Feb 6 - Visionary / INTJ (Compromiser)

    Feb 7 - Visionary / INFJ (Compromiser)

    Feb 8 - Performer / ENFP (Personalizer)

    Feb 9 - Artist / INFP  (Devaluer)

    Feb 10 - Leader / ESTJ

    Feb 13 - Socializer / ESFJ

    Feb 14 - Stabilizer (ISTJ) (Compier)

    Feb 15 - Stabilizer (ISFJ) (Complier)

    Feb 16 - Socializer / ENFJ (Caretaker)

    Feb 17 - Leader / ENTJ 

    Feb 21 - Performer / ENTP (Personalizer)

    Feb 22 - Intellectual /  INTP (Dismisser)

    Feb 23 - Adventurer / ESFP (Invalidator)

    Feb 27 - Adventurer /  ESTP (Invalidator)

    Feb 28 - Artist / ISFP (Devaluer)

    Mar 1 - Intellectual / ISTP (Dismisser)

    *16 Relationship Styles above are based on: Striving Styles® / MBTI® (& Associated Codependent Persona)

     * Don't know your Relationship Style yet? Find out today!

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